Classic Showcase – Thief: The Dark Project Gold Gets A New HD Texture Pack

EIDOS Montreal’s THIEF is almost upon us, so how about giving the original title a go until this remake hits shelves? Oh, what was that? It’s too dated for your taste? Well lucky you as today we’re presenting you a new texture pack for it. Created by Bentraxx Productions, this texture pack got recently updated to its 0.9.2 version.

Those interested can download it from here.

And here is the changelog for this new version of the texture pack.

v0.9.2 – Patch:

– added “NewDark Graphics Settings Tool 0.8” – use this tool to config your thief 1 graphics settings (Anti-Aliasing, Bloom FX…) There is also a ReadMe.txt!
– placed all (in air flying) objects correctly = correction of all missions (IF YOU USE OLD SAVESGAMES YOU HAVE TO RESTART YOUR MISSION!)
– fixed a problem with the “Water Mod Tool”
– fixed some textures
– added some textures (THX @ C-BEAM for his great work!)

(Requires an existing full installation of 0.9.1!)

Open the “ThiefGoldHDModPatch0.9.2.exe” to install the “HD Mod Version 0.9.2” to your thief gold main directory!

NewDark Graphics Settings Tool 0.8 (only with Patch 0.9.2):

Use this tool to change your thief 1 graphics settings (Anti-Aliasing, Bloom FX…and much more!)

Some Notes:

Please do NEVER try to edit the “cam_ext.cfg” manually… don´t play with the files! The tool may not work correctly after that! Use ALWAYS the “NewDark Graphics Settings” tool!


Don’t use this tool for Thief 2! The game will crash!