City Patrol: Police is the first game using the new Valeroa anti-tamper tech

Caipirinha Games and Toplitz Productions have released City Patrol: Police and revealed that it is the first game using the new Valeroa anti-tamper tech. Valeroa is described as a protection tool that ensures that the DRM of the store where gamers bought their game cannot be removed from the game.

According to its official FAQ, Valeroa should not affect the performance of a game as only a handful of functions are protected by it.

“Those functions are not processed during gameplay experience. They are processed when the game starts up or loads levels. Game developers can carefully select the functions they wish to protect.”

Valeroa anti-tamper does not require you to have an internet connection, does not not continuously read or write to  your hard-drive (so it will not damage them) and does not limit the number of daily installations or changes of hardware.

As for its protection period, the team behind it had this to say:

“Valeroa Anti-Tamper is extremely difficult to crack before and closely after the game release date. The protection becomes a lot easier to crack after a predefined period. We have no problem with organised pirate groups or individuals who crack Valeroa once the protection is weakened. We definitely don’t prosecute people who just play cracked games.”

From the looks of it, and in theory, this appears to be a better anti-tamper tech than Denuvo. Whether developers will drop Denuvo in favour of this new anti-tamper tech remains to be seen.