Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts feature 3

CI Games is working on Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

In an interview with the polish website Strefa Inwestorow, CI Games’ president Marek Tyminski confirmed the existence of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2. According to Tyminski, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2’s development is in full swing. And, although it’s still too early to talk about a possible release date, CI Games may officially reveal this game later this year.

As Tyminski said when asked about Sniper Ghost Warrior 2.

“Work on Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is in full swing. It is too early to share the release date, but I do not rule out that it will take place this year. The team creating the series consists of experienced people, so work on the next part is much more predictable. It is easier to plan and react on a regular basis if something is not going according to plan.

We are preparing a large new feature of the game that should encourage the purchase of a new part for both fans of the series and new players. We will also introduce many other improvements over the previous part. It will be a completely new story in another, new region of the world. The game will come out on consoles and PC, and its production budget will be lower than the previous one. With regular release of games in the series, we will also be able to partially reduce marketing expenses.”

Tyminski also said that the development of Lords of the Fallen 2 is progressing nicely. Moreover, CI Games was pleased with the sales of the first Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts game.

Here is hoping that CI Games will reveal more details about Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 later this year!