Chris Roberts explains why Star Citizen & Squadron 42 will be now powered by the Lumberyard Engine

Yesterday, we informed you about Cloud Imperium’s decision to ditch CRYENGINE in favour of Amazon’s Lumberyard Engine. And today, Cloud Imperium’s Chris Roberts explained why the team decided to switch engines.

As Chris Roberts said, and while Cloud Imperium stopped taking new builds from Crytek towards the end of 2015, the switch was painless. Furthermore, both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are powered by StarEngine; a heavily modified version of CRYENGINE. The only difference here is that this custom engine is now based on Lumberyard instead of CRYENGINE.

“What runs Star Citizen and Squadron 42 is our heavily modified version of the engine which we have dubbed StarEngine, just now our foundation is Lumberyard not CryEngine. None of our work was thrown away or modified. We switched the like for like parts of the engine from CryEngine to Lumberyard. All of our bespoke work from 64 bit precision, new rendering and planet tech, Item / Entity 2.0, Local Physics Grids, Zone System, Object Containers and so on were unaffected and remain unique to Star Citizen.”

Furthermore, Amazon was investing in the areas Cloud Imperium was most interested in, and that’s precisely why the team decided to go with Amazon and not with Crytek.

“Going forward we will utilize the features of Lumberyard that make sense for Star Citizen. We made this choice as Amazon’s and our focus is aligned in building massively online games that utilize the power of cloud computing to deliver a richer online experience than would be possible with an old fashioned single server architecture (which is what CryNetwork is).

Looking at Crytek’s roadmap and Amazon’s we determined that Amazon was investing in the areas we were most interested in. They are a massive company that is making serious investments into Lumberyard and AWS to support next generation online gaming. Crytek doesn’t have the resources to compete with this level of investment and have never been focused on the network or online aspects of the engine in the way we or Amazon are. Because of this combined with the fact we weren’t taking new builds of CryEngine we decided that Amazon would be the best partner going forward for the future of Star Citizen.”