Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior Is Now Available On Steam

Chivalry Deadliest Warrior

Torn Banner Studios announced today that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is now available on Steam and retails for $14.99. Based on the Spike TV series “Deadliest Warrior,” the new expansion adds the lethal combat skills of the Samurai, Pirate, Spartan, Viking and Ninja to Chivalry’s iconic Knight.

Steve Piggott, President of Torn Banner Studios said:

“We want to thank everyone who participated in the beta and provided their feedback, resulting in great new content for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. We worked extremely hard to incorporate and balance the diverse play styles of the new warriors, and to create exciting new game modes and environments. I think this expansion offers a refreshing change of pace and style from the base game and believe that Chivalry owners will be pleasantly surprised by how unique Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior is as a separate experience. ”

Dan Yang, General Manager of 345 Games added:

“Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior enhances the exceptional first-person combat style of Chivalry that is enjoyed by over a million players, by speeding up and broadening the gameplay. It also takes the Deadliest Warrior franchise from one-on-one combat to the battlefield.”

The new expansion pack features six warriors from the Deadliest Warrior universe, each with a unique play style and weapons set. These new warriors are:

· Spartan: A shielded warrior that excels when fighting in teams
· Ninja: A swift stealth warrior with good crowd control abilities
· Samurai: A versatile fighter with a broad arsenal of long range and melee weapons
· Pirate: An effective skirmisher with access to gunpowder weapons
· Viking: An all-out berserker that excels at overwhelming opponents at close range
· Knight: A tank with superior armor with high-impact weapons

In addition, players go to war in six all-new environments:

· Acropolis: An Ancient Greek Temple City
· Bamboo Forest: A dark ninja village shrouded in mist
· Fortress Garden: Traditional samurai stronghold
· Ducat Isle: A pirate’s paradise complete with hidden treasure trove
· Fjord: A frigid Norse fishing port
· Fertile Valley: Medieval castle with siege weaponry

Have fun!