CEMU 1.4.0c Is Now Available – Supports Lots Of WiiU Games, Increases Up To 5-6 Times CPU Emulation

As promised, the team behind the most advanced Wii U emulator, CEMU, has released its 1.4.0c version. This new version features adds PowerPC JIT recompiler, which increases up to 5-6 times the CPU emulation. In addition, it sports large improvements to graphics emulation, and supports more games than its previous version.

Those interested can download this new version of CEMU from here.

And here is its changelog:

  • Added PowerPC JIT recompiler (up to 5-6 times faster CPU emulation)
  • Decreased shader compilation stutter
  • Improved audio emulation
  • Large improvements to graphics emulation
  • Tons and tons of smaller changes and bugfixes

Have fun everyone!