Celebration Time; Doom Is Eighteen Years Old Today

Eighteen years ago, a first person shooter came to change the way we perceive video games today. A small gaming studio in Texas, a bunch of gamers with a passion and a vision released a shareware version of their latest game that became a hit in due time. The legendary Doom, the daddy of all FPS and successor to our beloved Wolfenstein, got released. Eighteen years since its first appearance and this bad boy is still one of our favourite FPS as it reminds us of what FPS games were back in the days.
So happy birthday Doom!
Oh, and to those interested in reliving it… be sure to play it with jDoom or Risen 3D – or any other third party program – as they come with 3D hardware, 3D models and online support. For nostalgia purposes though and just for this day, play it with its original sprites. Play it exactly the way it was back in the golden days.
And as always, here is hoping that Doom 4 will be a true Doom game… though we doubt it as times have changed…
doom 1 first level ultra violence (HD)

Doom 64 Original Playthrough {HD} Level 1 : Staging Area