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CD Projekt RED confirms that its next triple-A title will be a game set in The Witcher universe

CD Projekt RED’s Adam Kicinski has confirmed that their next triple-A game will be a title set in the Witcher universe. However, this new game will not be called The Witcher 4. So yeah, I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing Geralt in it (or at least that’s my guess).

As Kicinski stated:

“We have already been working on another single player game. We currently have a relatively clear concept about what it is. However, we do not want to spend time on it at this moment. After the work is done on Cyberpunk 2077, we’ll start developing our next game.”

Kicinski has also confirmed that CD Projekt RED will further invest on both the Cyberpunk and the Witcher universes.

“We have two worlds and within these worlds we want to create games. Therefore all our upcoming games, so far, are either “Witcher” or “Cyberpunk”.”

In case you are wondering, the development of this new The Witcher game will not have a negative impact on Cyberpunk 2077. As Kicinski noted, the initial development of this game will be handled by its smaller team. The other two bigger teams will focus on both supporting Cyberpunk 2077 and developing its multiplayer mode.

Stay tuned for more!