CBE Software removes content from Someday You’ll Return in order to improve the overall game

Now here is something really unusual. CBE Software has removed content from Someday You’ll Return in order to improve the overall experience. According to the team, this is something that its fanbase demanded.

According to Jan Kavan, CBE Software co-founder, this will improve the pace of the story in the second half of the game.

Kavan added:

“We realized that some of the content and puzzles were not adding any value to the main game story. It is very important to us that our players have the best game experience. So, after careful consideration we cut away hours of superfluous content, making the game better as a whole. Ingenious explorers out there shouldn’t worry, though, as they would still be able to access some of the “missing” areas by careful exploration and doing additional tasks well off the beaten path.

One of the features some players didn’t enjoy was stealth. To aid those players who dislike stealth, we’ve added a new, in-game potion called “Devil’s Pact”. This potion turns the player almost invisible to enemies during stealth sequences. Now players who dislike stealth sequences can drink the potion and finish with ease, while players who enjoy being stealthy can keep playing the original version. We strongly believe that offering this choice is the best option for both types of players.”

That’s pretty unusual, however, we should congratulate CBE for listening to its fans. We should also congratulate the team for offering a stealth workaround. After all, some other triple-A companies could have sold this “feature” as a paid DLC.

Here is hoping that the team will keep improving the game via future patches!