Carrier Command: Gaea Mission – Update 1.03 Released

Bohemia Interactive has released a new update for Carrier Command: Gaea Mission thatĀ aims to address a number of issues, including those related to the pathfinding of ground units. Before upgrading though, we feel the need to inform you about a crucial detail; save games that were created in versions 1.1.0026 and older are not compatible with the 1.03 version.
As the press release reads, the recently released Carrier Command: Gaea mission received a warm welcome, yet many people found themselves struggling with ordering their Walrus ground units across the map. Thus, aside a variety of other game- and campaign-related fixes, this update delivers a significant improvement to the Walrus AI and island navigation data. The complete overview of changes can be found below.
Those interested can download the update from here. The Steam version will be updated automatically next time you start the Steam client.
Carrier Command Update 1.03 Changelog:
– Fixed startup shader cache problem (thanks to Species1571)
– Fixed walrus hook bug (Drop sometime caused walrus to capsize)
– Fixed incorrect cutscene playback after completing Thermopylae mission
– Fixed current objectives and waypoints on the Outpost in Gaea Mission campaign
– Strategy Game now ends after capturing all islands and destroying enemy carrier
– Enemy carrier no longer “disappears” after capturing all islands in Strategy game
– Enemy carrier now replenishes units it abandoned on the island during retreat
– Enemy units are no longer present on neutral and friendly islands
– Fixed crash in Gaea Mission on Taksaven
– Fixed Achievements Face Off, Titanic, Revenge Is Sweet.
– Fixed Stockpile is now correctly selected upon start of Strategy Campaign with only 1 starting island
– NEW – Island info now displays icons with relative production and mining “power” of selected island
– Fixed crash on application start on some machines (“Cannot load materials file materials/materials.h” bug)
– Fixed crash in Strategy campaign (Production Advisor)
– Enemy carrier/strategic AI improvements:
– production logic improved
– improved “Choose next island to attack” logic
– improved barque handling
– improved carrier repairs
– Removed panning while zooming in/out in strategy map.
– Added shortcut in Vulcan mission (1st mission of GAEA Mission)
– Ratio slider in strategy game is split into two parts – APA ISLANDS COUNT and UEC ISLANDS COUNT.
– Removed tutorial notice dialog in strategy campaign.
– ID numbers of enemy carrier units are no longer displayed on the map.
– Enemy carrier will not run away when the player arrives to defend his island
– Enemy carrier units are undocking properly
– The stockpile relocation time now depends on the distance between islands
– Arrow keys are now bindable in Controls options
– HMHD missile will be transferred from stockpile onto carrier correctly.
– “V” key will stop the carrier but not instantly.
– Island stop blinking exactly when the enemy stops the attack on the island.
– Fixed random crash after any carrier destruction.
– Cutscene with Aurora will be played only once.
– Marshes upgrade can be found every time.
– Coolant container will not disappear after island is captured.
– Removed tutorial hints on Arachnid when recapturing island from APA in chapter 3.
– Cutscene of sinking enemy carrier will always be played when the enemy carrier is destroyed
– Fixed pathfinder island data
– Improved walrus pathfinding on wild terrain