Bioshock Infinite – PC Graphical Settings Revealed – DX10 & DX11 Support Confirmed – FOV Slider Spotted

Our friends over at PCGamer have unveiled the graphical settings for the PC version of Bioshock: Infinite. According to PCGamer, Bioshock: Infinite was showcased this week on an octo-core CPU (AMD FX-8120) with a single Radeon 7900 series GPU (though we don’t know the exact model that was used) and 16GB of RAM. Bioshock Infinite PC supports DX10, as well as DX11. Still, we don’t know whether Irrational Games will go ahead and include any tessellation effects or not.
As for the game’s graphical options, we’re delighted to inform you about a FOV slider. Yes, another triple-A game that features a FOV slider for all of you who are annoyed by the limited 65 (or 75) value that is present on consoles. Hooray.
PC Gamers will also be able to adjust the following settings:
•Texture detail
•Dynamic shadows
•Post-processing quality
•Light shafts
•Ambient occlusion
•Object detail
•UI margins
•Toggleable highlighting of “searchable” or “important” objects
Bioshock: Infinite is planned for a March 26th release on PC, X360 and PS3!