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bsnes SNES emulator now supports overlocking, aiming to remove all slowdowns in all SNES games

The creator of one of the best SNES emulators, bsnes, has announced the introduction of overclocking capabilities. Thanks to this new feature, PC gamers will finally be able to enjoy numerous SNES games without their annoying slowdown issues.

Going into more details, bsnes features a new way of overclocking that comes from the NES emulation scene. The SNES emulator inserts additional scanlines into the CPU thread, without running the video and audio during this time. Thanks to this method, gamers can overclock and remove the slowdown in just about any SNES game. The good news here is that this does not bring any framerate or pitch distortion. Not only that, but this method does not break compatibility in 99% of games.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you can also overclock the SA-1 and SuperFX chips in this way.

What this ultimately means is that we can finally enjoy all of the SNES games at smooth framerates. Games like Doom, Jurassic Park, Starfox, Contra 3, Gradius III and more will be smooth and without slowdowns, something that a lot of SNES fans will appreciate.

In order to showcase the tremendous change that these overclocking features bring to the table, YouTube’s ‘byuu’ and ‘reznoire’ released two videos based on this latest version of bsnes.

You can download the nightly build of bsnes (which has these overclocking features) from here.


bsnes 108.1 Nightly | Starfox / Starfox 2 - Overclocking Comparison