Brutal Doom V21 beta is now available for download, features new fatalities, better blood graphics and more

Modder ‘Sergeant_Mark_IV’ has released a brand new version of his incredible Brutal mod for id Software’s classic shooter, Doom. According to the release notes, Brutal Doom V21 comes with new fatalities, new and better blood graphics, new sound effects, new balance changes, bugfixes, new weapons, and so much more.

Furthermore, this new version of Brutal Doom comes with significant performance improvements as late levels of Scythe 2 and Hell Revealed, which were previously considered unplayable with Brutal Doom, can run smoothly on any descent computer. In order to give you an idea, the modder claimed that he was getting 100fps on the Scythe 2 Map 28(using an i3 2120 with a GTX 750ti). For comparison purposes, that very same setup was offering 40fps in Brutal Doom V20b.

It’s also worth noting that this latest version of Brutal Doom is compatible with the upcoming Doom DoomSlayer Chronicles mod that will be released next week.

Those interested can download Brutal Doom V21 beta from here, and below you can find some videos showcasing it!

BDv21 - Last Dev Diary - Decals, Map Enhancement System, FLAMETHROWER

BDv21 gameplay test with Slaughtermaps (Scythe 2 Map 28)