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Crackers claim that Denuvo anti-tamper tech causes stuttering issues in Injustice 2

Yesterday, a hacking group – called CODEX – has cracked Injustice 2 and while this game is a bit old, the group discovered the source of some of the game’s stuttering issues that a few gamers have been experiencing.

According to the group, the Denuvo anti-tamper tech causes small freezes/stutters in Injustice 2 when players are using Gorilla or Robin. As the group pointed out.

“For example when Robin does one of his special attacks, throwing a smoke bomb on the ground, Denuvo starts writing a private key to the memory. Then it fills the buffer and when everything is filled and the key is obtained by Denuvo itself, it starts executing anti-tamper checks.”

As reports suggested, players have been experiencing stuttering issues when using Gorilla and this may have explained why this was happening.

Of course this does not really surprise us. Tekken 7 was another game that suffered from stuttering issues due to the Denuvo anti-tamper tech (though it was thankfully fixed. On the other hand, Injustice 2 still suffers from those stutters and the only way you can overcome them is by using a more powerful CPU).