Born To Fire – A New competitive FPS from NHN + Debut Trailer

NHN has just announced their latest FPS title called Born To Fire. Born to Fire is a character-oriented FPS for PC with five different classes to choose from, each flaunting its own distinctive style and specific brand of firepower as well as a range of complementary skills to enable sophisticated team strategies. You can view its debut trailer after the jump.
The game will feature a practice mode and a finely tuned one-click matchmaking to bring together players of similar skill level. By doing this, Born to Fire will be able to offer an accessible and fun experience for beginners as well as adrenaline-fuelled challenges to test more experienced players.
With a data-driven character balancing system to ramp up the fun factor, a personal scoreboard to monitor your progress and shareable video replays, Born to Fire has a lot to offer both new and established fans of the FPS genre.
NHN promises low system requirements, and that the game will play seamlessly even on low-spec computers.