Boon Hill Is A Graveyard Simulator, Already Been Funded Via Kickstarter

Welcome to Boon Hill
Matthew Ritter has informed us about his upcoming indie PC title, Boon Hill; a graveyard simulator with a story of epitaphs, and with a tale of ghosts that haunt a game with no goal. This game has already been funded via Kickstarter, however there are still 15 days left to this campaign. Since we just got word about it, well, we thought that some of you would be interested in such a game.
According to its description, Boon Hill itself has no win scenario. As the protagonist you’ll start with a specific gravestone you’re looking for, but finding it won’t end the game. Looking at every gravestone once won’t end the game. Doing everything there possibly is to do won’t end the game. The game ends when you decide to leave the graveyard.
We should also note that this isn’t a horror title. There is nothing threatening the player. No zombies bursting up from the graves and no vampires hidden deep in the mausoleums. The gravedigger is not digging a grave for you and it’s impossible to be buried alive.
Sounds boring? Well, not exactly if you’re into ‘stories.’ You see, Boon Hill is about inferred stories, about the connections people have that continue even after they die. The graveyard tells many tales woven by those who’ve long since passed on: stories of love, life, sorrow, and joy, told over generations.
The threads of narrative are woven throughout the gravestones for you to discover, if you have the inkling to look. A row of graves all with the same last name, most of them having died very young, suggests a specific set of circumstances. An epitaph that reads ‘Survived by no one’ is dour, yes, but clearly someone carried out their last wishes. Here, people are tied together by something as simple as similar birth dates, the places they were born or died, and even the styles of their grave markers.
More interested now in this indie title? Oh we bet you are.
It will be interesting to see what kind of stories Matthew will tell through Boon Hill, and whether those stories will be able to captivate our imagination.