Bohemia comments on ArmA 2’s player movement, ArmA 3 to feature better mouse control

If you had played ArmA II, you would have definitely felt that something was off. The mouse control seemed weird and a bit different from all other FPS games out there. Have you ever wondered why that happened? Well, time to find out as Bohemia’s Dwarden has revealed that contrary to other FPS titles, in ArmA 2 you control the entire body of your character and not just the viewpoint.
Dwarden went on and admitted that the mouse control mechanics need a little bit tweaking. ArmA 2 currently does not offer a 1:1 – for both Y and X axis – movement, something that will be possible featured in ArmA 3 as it’s currently a WIP feature. In addition, Dwarden has revealed that smoothness could be improved by lowering render frames ahead of treshold and thinks that there should be more options related to raw input
and to mouse acceleration, an issue that some players had in the past.
Dwarden concluded that Bohemia is looking into ways to make the mouse control more responsive, more precise and smoother in both axis. However the company will not compromise its ‘whole body’ feature, thus players will again move the character’s body. Which is good news for all ArmA fans out there.
In other news, Bohemia is seriously thinking into taking advantage of the 3.0 SDK of PhysX. As you may know, ArmA 3 uses PhysX and it will be amazing if the company decides to use this particular version. As we’ve said and before, PhysX 3.0 comes with better multi-threading capabilities, meaning that it will increase the game’s performance in – pretty much – all PC configurations.
ArmA 3 is currently slated for a late 2012 release on the PC!