Blood of Steel, online multiplayer PvP MOBA, PC demo available for download

YC Games has released a demo for its upcoming online multiplayer PvP MOBA game, Blood of Steel. This demo will give you a glimpse at what the developers aim to create. The game currently targets a January 2020 release on Steam.

In Blood of Steel, players can lead various legions and heroes, and command them to slay their enemies in bloody battlefields. In order to succeed, players will have to use cunning strategies and organize their troops.

The game will feature open plains, lush grasslands, snowfield, city streets and many other locales. Furthermore, players can expect dynamic weather systems, with rain, snow and mist.

Alongside legion-based warfare, Blood of Steel will also host duels and multiplayer Heros Aerna. The team has expanded on classic Mount and Blade-like’s 4 attack and block directions style, adding in defense-breaks, rolls, sidesteps, charge attacks and heavy attacks to create a completely new and varied battle system.

You can download the demo for Blood of Steel from here.

Have fun!

Blood of Steel [PC] Debut Trailer

Blood of Steel [PC] Leonidas Gameplay Trailer