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Bioshock designer remakes Doom’s iconic E1M1 in No Man’s Sky

Bioshock’s designer, JP LeBreton, has created a remake of the iconic E1M1 level from the first Doom game in No Man’s Sky. JP LeBreton used assets from the latest No Man’s Sky update, Synthesis, and the end result is really cool.

Due to the different assets that these two games have, this remake is not 1-1 accurate. For instance, No Man’s Sky does not feature any explosive barrels. As such, there are some artistic and environmental differences between them.

Still, JP LeBreton was able to replicate the exact map layout of Doom’s iconic map. Therefore, think of this remake as a re-imagination of Doom’s E1M1 in No Man’s Sky with completely different assets.

Unfortunately, this remake does not feature any Imps or Marines/Zombies to shoot at. Still, it has some interactive doors, a functioning “level exit” switch, and a few surprises.

Now what’s really cool here is that you can visit the planet that has this Doom E1M1 remake and experience it yourselves on your PC. All you have to do is head over to these coordinates.

Galactic Coordinates: 0DDC:0085:0469:0017

Have fun!

Doom (1993) E1M1 in No Man's Sky (Euclid Galaxy, PC, Creative Mode)