Blades of Time is a new indie hack-and-slash game that will hit Steam on April 18th

Gaijin Entertainment announced today that Blades of Time: Limited Edition can be preordered on Steam. PC and Mac players will be able to don the persona of the gorgeous treasure hunter, Ayumi, starting on April 18, 2012. The Steam page is not up at the moment but will be made available later today. In Blades of Time, step into the shoes of the gorgeous treasure hunter, Ayumi—deadly with both guns and swords.
On the hunt for treasure, Ayumi finds herself in a remote land of lush trees and majestic landscapes, but she quickly learns that she’s not alone on this island. Armed with her dual katanas and an arsenal of rifles, she’ll battle gargoyles, monsters, and other sinister forces to uncover the secrets of this dangerous place. As she carves a path of destruction through Dragonland, she accumulates more powers and better weapons that make for a thrilling and rewarding game experience.
Blades of Time turns the hack-and-slash genre on its ear by introducing a revolutionary game mechanic, “Time Rewind,” that lets players clone themselves and travel back in time to attack enemies and solve puzzles. Add in a beautiful heroine, and you’ve got one of the most fun and high-energy games to come along in a long time.
The Blades of Time: Limited Edition for PC and Mac includes the game itself (formerly console-only), along with an exclusive new pack of additional content. Blades of Time: Limited Edition includes a hefty amount of bonus material as well as the all-new Dismal Swamp add-on. In this exclusive new content, players get to complete Ayumy’s challenge as a secondary character, Michelle, who rushes into the Temple of Dragons to prevent Ayumy from joining the Keeper of Chaos when her shuttle suddenly crashes in the middle of Dismal Swamp. Accompanied by her unfailing friend Zero and a small squad of Skyguards, Michelle faces hordes of deadly beasts: the creatures of Chaos. The rescue mission suddenly turns into a desperate struggle for survival.
Blades of Time: Limited Edition on Steam includes:
· The full Blades of Time game (formerly a console exclusive)
· The Dismal Swamp mission add-on
· Sky Islands map for Outbreak mode (exclusive to PC/Mac)
· Downloadable art book
· Blades of Time-inspired HD wallpapers
· Original Blades of Time soundtrack