Black Talons Announced; New Real Time Tactical Indie Strategy – First Details & Screenshots

Black Talons
Camel 101 has informed us about its new real time strategy title, Black Talons. The game is set in a sci-fi universe, featuring a mercenary commander trying to prevail in a ravaged star system. According to its press release, Black Talons is a new incursion on the universe Camel 101 discovered on Gemini Wars, an innovative real time strategy title released a year ago.
Black Talons will feature:
-Persistent and customizable squads.
-Deep campaign mode. The actions of the player directly affect the balance of power on the system. There is one main objective to achieve, but there’s much more to do.
-Customizable Battlecruiser. The Battlecruiser serves as the base of operations, and can be customized with weapons or infrastructures that will boost the squad numbers, teleport soldiers or even bombard the battlefield.
-Faction relations. There are a number of neutral minor factions in the game. These factions will have missions available for contract work. When the player completes missions for a certain faction, the relations will improve with that faction. On the other hand, completing missions against a faction will lower the relations with it. Having good relations allows the player to train or buy units unique to that faction. Having bad relations will make that faction randomly attack the player during missions.
-Upgradeable and unique (per class) skill tree for all units
-5 worlds with different environments and weather conditions that directly affect the battle: rain, fog, snow, ionstorms and more insane stuff.
-Different unit classes with specialized roles: Recon, Tactical, Assault, Support, Engineer. -Each class can carry a different set of weapons and has its own abilities. Powerful mechs can enter the battlefield with salvaged or bought equipment and weapons.
The game is being developed for for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
Camel 101 has also provided with the first screenshots for Black Talons, as well as a teaser trailer for it.


Black Talons - Teaser