Black Mesa: Source Alternative; Enjoy Half-Life with HD graphics and textures

Most Half Life fans have been waiting anxiously for Black Mesa: Source. Well, although they kept their eyes on it, it seems that they have completely missed a HD Texture Pack for the original Half-Life that was released a while ago. This Texture Pack comes with high-quality, enhanced textures and an enb series mod for Valve’s classic game. The end result is amazing and it’s perfect for all of you who want to relive this classic game and cannot wait for Black Mesa: Source.
Spotted by Guru3D’s member ‘kanej2007’, this high definition mod is around 700mb and when extracted comes to around 2gb. Those interested can download it from here (be sure to also download its latest patch from here).
All you have to do is copy everything¬†that is located in the ‘hl1’¬†folder into your existing directory. You will also need to copy the enb series into your Half-Life source engine folder (if you’re using the Steam version). Once this has been done you simply run the Half-Life source exe file to load up the game.
kanej2007 has also shared some screenshots from this mod that can be viewed below. It is confirmed that the mod works with the Steam version of Half Life (and it should obviously work without issues with its retail version).
Enjoy and happy gaming!