Blizzard will not attend this year’s E3… again

I seriously don’t know if there is anything to save this year’s E3. Okay, I’m exaggerating as there is something that is called next-generation consoles but apart from that, we’ve got some awful news these past days about this year’s gaming expo. Konami will not be showing their new ‘Fox Engine’ in E3, Rockstar will not attend, Valve is said that it will not announce any new game – despite fans’ hopes for something more than that – and yesterday, Blizzard revealed that they will be not attending E3… again.
In fact, this is the fifth time that Blizzard has skipped the annual trade show and we’re pretty sure that a lot of PC gamers are already looking forward to the second part of StarCraft II. Thankfully, Blizzard will be present at GamesCom 2012 so we might get some new information about their upcoming games and plans in August.
Blizzard is currently working on an MMO code-named “Project Titan,” the upcoming StarCraft II expansion – Heart of the Swarm – and a World of Warcraft expansion.