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Bioware officially announces Mass Effect Remaster Trilogy, releases in 2021

After numerous hints, rumors and teasers, it’s finally official. Bioware has just announced that Mass Effect Remaster Trilogy, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, will release in 2021.

According to Bioware, Mass Effect Legendary Edition will feature better textures, shaders, character models, and effects. The team also claims that it will have better resolution and better framerates, however, these two “features” were already present in the PC versions of the original games.

Do note that Bioware will not remake these three games. Instead, the team aims to remaster them for current-gen platforms. So yeah, don’t expect a lot of changes. Bioware has also confirmed that the collection will feature all the DLCs that came out for these three Mass Effect games.

At this point, we don’t know whether the mods for the original games will work on these remasters. We also don’t know whether these remasters will be as friendly to the modders as the original games were.

From the looks of it, the earlier rumor about Mass Effect Legendary Edition was accurate. Also, and as we’ve already reported, you can already experience remastered versions of the first three Mass Effect games via these mods. So, until EA releases this official trilogy remaster, we suggest downloading these mods and playing the original versions.

Have fun!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Official Teaser