Bioware and EA send NeoGAF a Cease and Desist notice over Mass Effect 3 Spoilers

Earlier today, we found out that some internal story files for Mass Effect 3 have been leaked. Those who read those spoilers already know how Bioware’s upcoming action/RPG game ends, who lives and who dies. And although Jesse Houston stated at Bioware’s official forum that those story files contained information that was out of date, EA and Bioware sent a cease and desist notice to the well-known gaming forum, NeoGAF.
It seems that there was a thread in NeoGAF in which the members were discussing the aforementioned leaked information. Now if those files didn’t reflect the game’s final storyline, why oh why did EA and Bioware sent the cease and desist notice? Something is really fishy here, right?
As a result of that notice, NeoGAF‘s moderators deleted the entire thread that was dedicated to Mass Effect 3’s leak. In addition, the moderators have edited lots of posts as per request of EA and Bioware.
And that’s precisely what is wrong with both EA and Bioware. It’s not NeoGAF’s fault – or their members – that these files got leaked. EA and Bioware should find the one responsible for that leak instead of sending cease and desists notices to the gaming forums. We know that some of you hate certain places/sites/forums, but this does not mean that such an action is justified.
In a similar way, we got a notice from Zenimax a few days ago. In this message, Zenimax was asking us to remove the 20 minutes videos of Skyrim. We highly respect Bethesda’s and Zenimax’s work but they could easily block those that had uploaded the leaked videos in the first place. Figures!