Bioshock: Infinite – PC Version Suffers From Auto-Aim Assist In Iron-Sights Mode

Bioshock Infinite v4
Bioshock fans, we got some bad news for you today. It appears that the PC version of Bioshock: Infinite suffers from auto-aim assist while entering the iron sight mode. At first, this bug was reported to be present once players plugged in a gamepad, however this issue can be spotted even if you’ve never used a gamepad (as we’ve encountered it ourselves during our playthrough). This issue/bug seems like a leftover from the console version, as this auto-aim assist is something common for most console games. In order to fix it, PC gamers will have to startĀ the game with a controller plugged in, disable aiming assist in the Controller OptionsĀ and unplug the controller. You can find a video demonstration below, and we should note – once again – that this bug is present even if you haven’t used a gamepad before.