Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition feature

Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition is coming to PC on June 25th

Ubisoft has announced that Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition will be officially coming to PC on June 25th. To celebrate this announcement, the publisher shared a gameplay trailer that you can find below.

Developed by Virtuos and Ubisoft Montpellier, the 20th Anniversary Edition will have improved graphics, as well as numerous quality of life improvements. For instance, you can expect autosave, cutscene-skip, full controller and keyboard & mouse support, and cross-save across all platforms.

The collection will also have updated audio, including more than 15 pieces of the iconic soundtrack re-recorded by a live orchestra. Not only that but you can expect a new Speedrun Mode, as well as more than 20 new Achievements.

For those unaware, in Beyond Good & Evil, you will assume the role of Jade, a driven and bold young photojournalist investigating mysterious DomZ alien attacks. Alongside characters like her adoptive uncle Pey’j or the valiant Double H, you will embark on a trailblazing blend of action gameplay and thrilling emotional cutscenes.

Armed with your camera, you will get to freely explore Hillys, combat creatures large and small, infiltrate dangerous areas, solve enigmatic puzzles, play addictive mini-games, race the best Hovercraft pilots, and take pictures of the whole experience.


Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition: Launch Trailer