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Bethesda will use an upgraded version of the Creation Engine for The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield

I think most of us saw that coming. Even though The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield target next-generation platforms, Bethesda will be still using for them the Creation Engine. Of course the publisher stated that it will be an upgraded version however we don’t know whether the big issues that have plagued this engine will be addressed or not.

As Todd Howard told Gamestar:

“For Fallout 76 we have changed a lot. The game uses a new renderer, a new lighting system and a new system for the landscape generation. For Starfield even more of it changes. And for The Elder Scrolls 6, out there on the horizon even more. We like our editor. It allows us to create worlds really fast and the modders know it really well. There are some elementary ways we create our games and that will continue because that lets us be efficient and we think it works best.”

Now the big issue here is that the Creation Engine has some major issues like physics being tied to the framerate, inability to use a Field of View (although this is mostly something that Bethesda has overlooked) and the visuals that the engine is currently capable of producing are outdated.

Take for example Fallout 76. From what we’ve seen so far, this new Fallout is a really disappointing game – visuals-wise – for a 2018 release. Moreover, we don’t know whether the engine can take advantage of multi-core CPUs, whether there is still the limitation of 4GB of RAM, and whether there are plans to support DX12 or Vulkan.

Creation Engine, which is basically an evolution of the Gamebryo Engine, is dated. We know it, you know it, modders know it, Bethesda knows it. Unfortunately, though, this engine will power the games that the team will be developing, and that’s a bummer!

Thanks Reddit