Bethesda Accused Of Trying To Buy & ‘Bully’ Human Head Studios, Delayed Prey 2’s Development On Purpose

Prey 2 v2
And Prey 2’s drama keeps going on and on. A while back, we informed you about the claims of a former Human Head Studios employee, who stated that Bethesda was to be blamed for the cancellation of Prey 2 and that Human Head Studios had the game up and running. And it seems we have some new inside information, as IGN claimed that Bethesda tried to ‘bully’ Human Head Studios.
According to IGN’s sources, Bethesda wanted to buy Human Head Studios and tried its best to achieve that. Unfortunately for gamers, Bethesda was not able to acquire Human Head, and that had a negative impact on the game’s development.
As IGN claimed, Bethesda ‘promised Human Head a development extension of six months to one year, in order to populate the mostly complete game world with missions, polish what rough edges remained, and ship Prey 2 in 2012 as planned.’
That’s the first hint you should be getting from IGN’s story. Yes, Prey 2 was almost complete. It needed some polish but it’s pretty obvious that Human Head Studios had a working product.
And that’s when Bethesda tried to buy Human Head Studios.
“Bethesda thought they could bully [Human Head] into a corner. It was one of few studios that could work with and improve id Technology. They wanted to buy us at a sweet price. They were bleeding us dry.”
As a result of that, Bethesda denied to further fund Prey 2. According to IGN’s sources, Human Head Studios denied the acquisition, yet made reasonable offers for the continuation of Prey 2’s funding. However, nothing came to fruition and as a result of that, nothing really happened in 2012.
Which brings us to today’s latest rumors and facts. Human Head Studios decided to stop working on this project, Bethesda got its game back, Human Head Studios is working on a new open-world game for another publisher, and Bethesda will most probably give this game to Arkane Studios.
And that is that everyone!