Beam Extreme – Fast paced third/first person last man standing shooter – Kickstarter campaign launched

Tim van Kan, founder of TiMer Games, has informed us about the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming fast paced third/first person last man standing shooter, Beam Extreme. Beam Extreme is a PC shooter that promises to allow for 32 players to face off in frantic, massive battles in outdoor, arena style maps.

The team aims to raise €5K in the next 22 days, and there is a demo that you can download in order to get an idea of what this game will be all about.

Here are the key features of Beam Extreme:

  • 32 players: Outsmart the other 31 opponents in awesome battles to be the last man standing. As the playable space becomes smaller you are forced towards the center of the map.
  • Large maps: When spawning in the map you will find yourself in a circle with seven other contestants with high end loot at the center. This happens on four places on the map. The ones that make it past the intense spawn will later face the contestants of the other spawns. Currently we have one map in production, but we definitely want to do more with their own unique twists.
  • Abilities: Beam extreme will feature special abilities that you can tactically make use of in combat. Currently we have four special abilities available. These include a sprint boost, a jump boost, a dash teleport and a healing ability. (read more on those down below).
  • Clear communication: We want the players to spend a minimal amount of time looking at extra information on the screen, that’s why we try to keep all information on screen in a minimalistic way. We don’t have any sub-menus the players have to look at when in game.
  • Player feedback: Besides keeping the on-screen information to a minimum we are also aware of the frustration that often comes with combat in this genre. We want to avoid frustrating deaths and communicate clearly when you are hitting someone.
  • Character customization: We already have a first version of character customization in. In beam extreme you will be able to select a character and in some cases a skin for the character as well.
  • A wide range of different weapons: Beam Extreme will offer a lot of different weapons, from simple assault rifles to grenade launchers. We are looking at adding more in the future, but it’s already good fun.


Beam Extreme - Last Man Standing [Announcement trailer]

Beam Extreme - Demo Gameplay