Crysis screenshot header image

Be warned, Crytek updates the official website of Crysis for an April Fools joke

A lot of PC gamers are hoping for a remaster of the first Crysis game. And while Crytek may have teased something like that in its previous CRYENGINE trailers, we’re pretty sure that this won’t happen anytime soon. Thus, we’ve decided to warn you about an upcoming April Fools joke related to this franchise.

Crytek has just updated the official website of Crysis with a new animated image. This image shows Nomad from the first Crysis game.

Given the hints that some thought were present in the previous CRYENGINE trailers, some may believe that this is another hint for Crysis Remaster. However, the source code of the website reveals what this is all about.

According to meta tags of the source code, this is an April Fools joke and nothing more. Crytek may announce the launch of a Crysis Remaster (or a Crysis 4 perhaps). Ironically, we were the first ones that made that joke in April 2019. So yeah, take that EA and Crytek.

In conclusion, don’t get your hopes up. While we’d love to see a proper remaster of Crysis, that is currently not in the plans. And yeah, Crytek’s upcoming “surprise” is nothing more than an Aprils Fools joke!