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Battlefield 5 Chapter 1: Overture Update has been delayed and won’t be released today

Electronic Arts and DICE have announced that the Chapter 1: Overture update, which was meant to come out later today, has been delayed. According to the official statement, the development team has discovered an issue with it and instead of releasing it in a broken state, it decided to slightly delay it.

There is no ETA at this point on when the update will be released, however DICE and EA plan to release more news tomorrow or as soon as they have it.

It’s worth pointing out that this update will come with some major performance improvements to the RTX effects. NVIDIA and DICE have been working together and claim that the Chapter 1: Overture Update will offer up to 50% performance improvement, and in some cases almost a 100% boost, when real-time ray tracing effects are enabled.

Stay tuned for more!