Battlefield 4 – Update #2 Now Available, Addresses PC Performance On Windows 7

Battlefield 4 v6

DICE has released a new update for the PC Open Beta of Battlefield 4, that aims to address the performance issues that most gamers were experiencing on Windows 7. According to DICE’s Johan Andersson, the people that had issues were running Win7 & quad & six cores without HT primarily. In short, if you’re using that particular OS, you should now be enjoying a better gaming experience after applying the patch.

Naturally, the update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the game.

And here is its changelog:

-Two fixes for the long/permanent loading times
-Various improvements in performance for users running quad core or six core CPU’s
-Fixed a crash that happened for some dual core CPU users after loading
-Fixed a crash relating to DirectX10 graphics cards
-Various stability fixes
-Various crash fixes


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