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Battlefield 4 – Fall Update Now Available, Community Operations DLC Available To Everyone

Sometimes you really have to ask yourself how the hell a game like Battlefield 4 got released in that awful state it originally was. I mean, seriously now; we’ve seen some really huge patches from CD Projekt RED but you can’t really compare The Witcher 3 to Battlefield 4, can you? And DICE has just rolled out a new patch for its shooter that sports a 30-page changelog. Holy Batman!

In addition, DICE has released the game’s Community Operations DLC. This DLC contains a new map and it is available to everyone.

Battlefield 4’s Fall Update sports various netcode improvements, teamplay and objective play updates, as well as various infantry and vehicle balance changes.

Those interested can read the full release notes here. Below you can find a small sample.

-Pillbox bunker featured in Zavod 311, Operation Hammerhead and others
      *Bipods can now be deployed on the window sills
      *Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in the ceiling when attempting to vault through the windows
-Fixed an issue with the team balancer that forced players to constantly attack or defend in Rush. Balancer will now cycle between two different tie breaking behaviors every time that teams are rebuilt for a new round
-Fixed an issue with the team balancer were it was enabled by default in Defuse. This is now set to OFF by default.
-Fix from Hardline. Invincible soldier bug caused by its collision turned off on the local client. Also called the “bullet soaker bug”
-Single Player: Fixed an issue on the third mission of the campaign, the South China Sea mission that was blocking player progress
-Squad Obliteration changes
      *Increased the size of Home Team restricted areas to prevent bomb holding exploit.
      *Players should have the bomb reset out of their hands
-Fixed Bug for no ladder movement sounds for 3P soldiers
-PC: Fixed stability issue involving RSP Servers
-PC: Potential fix for the “French jump glitch” where players can jump while prone
-PC: Fixed several crashes seen on the Community Map on the Test Environment
-PC: Fixed an issue related to Origin and the BF4 client version
-PC: Fixed a common crash in live environment (3rd most common)
-Xbox One: Fixed an issue where the Kinect Leaning Enabled option does not function in active gameplay

-Added the Hardline capture area visuals on the mini map, added support for square, shape and circle
-Added the Hardline mini map mechanic that shows player icon relative elevation
      *Above player icons: Scales up slightly with added transparency.
      *Below player icons: Scales down slightly with added transparency.
      *Both states start scaling at 3.5m distance below or above respectively, reaching final size at 7m+
-Corrected HUD string when active protection is active
-Countermeasure HUD fixed. HUD should reset correctly again, even if you use countermeasures right as they reload
-Added a fix for the static “Killed In Action” message that appears when joining as commander from a regular soldier while in-game.
-Consoles: Changing sorting for elements in the quick match menu (newest on top).

-Smoke grenades now block FLIR/IRNV
-M18 and 40mm smoke grenades now un-spot players inside of them when they explode. This behavior is also consistent with the XM25’s smoke grenade
-Added the M-60 ULT battle pickup (for Operation Outbreak)
-Motion Sensor text update: the string now correctly say 14 seconds, instead of 24 seconds on longevity
-Laser designators lock on time reduced to 1.5s from 2.0s
-PLD lock range increased to 500m from 350m
-Extended PLD glow distance to match locking distance
-Fixed an issue where PLD/Lock-on missiles would not prioritize occupied vehicles.
-Fixed inconsistencies with incendiary FX:
      *Split effect so both grenades could have their own effect
      *Slightly reduced radius and duration of handheld effect to match damage over time values
      *Increased radius and duration of tank effect to match Damage over Time values
      *Made both effects slightly better at blocking night scopes
-Fixed an issue where flares left craters on terrain
-Fixed an issue where M240B have magnifier + FLIR/IRNV and all medium range scopes. Magnifier can no longer be equipped with FLIR/IRNV or medium range scopes
-Fixed a bug where grenades would bounce back towards the player if the grenade was thrown on an ammo box or med pack. Now the grenade passes through the box, breaking it and the grenade lands where the player expects it to.

-Fixed an issue where Attack helicopter hydra/smart rockets did no damage to the environment
-Fixed an issue where the enter button prompt on the jet vehicles were located in the left wing tip instead of the middle
-Thermal camo upgrade reduces visibility of the vehicle through thermal scopes
-Increased the draw distance of Tunguska to match other tanks
-Increased visibility of stealth jet tracers
-Fixed an issue where passive radar missiles spin around the targeted vehicle if the target is lost or the weapon is changed
-Transport helicopter: Fixed an issue with side mini-guns to prevent them from turning too quickly.
-Attack boats. Fix to the side mini-guns to prevent them from turning too quickly.

-Added support for high tick rate server filters and server browser lists

-Fixed an issue where US soldiers could spawn out of out of bounds at (CQS) Objective A upon redeploy.
-Fixed an issue on in Rush where the user was able to deploy under the map at the second attacker base
-PC: Fixed a specific crash issue on Pearl Market with Users running a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 with a Driver version 353.30
-Fixed an issue where players could spawn-camp enemy transport helicopters on conquest large.
-Fixed an issue where the player was is able to get underneath the map near objective A

Battlefield 4 Community Operations Cinematic Trailer