Battlefield 4 Beta Is A Go, First Video Appears Showing An Epic Chopper Steal

Battlefield 4 v5

And the time has finally come. Battlefield 4’s beta phase is a go, though it’s limited to those who pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game on, those who are Battlefield 3 Premium members, and those who have registered the Limited or Digital Deluxe version of Medal of Honor Warfighter. For everyone else, the beta will begin on October 4th.

DICE’s Johan Andersson suggests players to use Nvidia’s latest beta driver (331.40) and AMD’s latest beta driver (Radeon 13.10 Beta 2). In addition, Johan provided the following commands that may help you measuring your in-game framerate (PerfOverlay.DrawFps 1 and PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 1).

YouTube’s member ‘BombGeek’ has also posted an interesting video from the beta, in which he manages to steal a chopper. Though I have to say that gravity seems to have an issue with BF4, otherwise I can’t think how this man was able to make that jump. Perhaps the game is played in a parallel universe or something? (DICE needs to adjust the gravity and make it feel like… you know… gravity).


BF4 Beta - 1ST Epic Chopper Steal - I love Battlefield.


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