Battlefield 3 header screenshot

Battlefield 3: Reality Mod gets a gameplay reveal trailer

In October 2020, we informed you about Battlefield 3: Reality Mod. And a few days ago, the team behind it released its official gameplay reveal trailer.

BF3: Reality Mod is a Battlefield 3 modification that focuses on communication and teamwork. It draws inspiration from the successful BF2 “Project Reality” mod. The mod aims to offer a complete gameplay and UI overhaul that creates a more tactical and meaningful experience.

Battlefield 3 Reality Mod is built using the VU modding framework; a modification of BF3 that, among other things, will offer private server hosting, higher tickrate, built-in server browser and much more.

The BF3 Reality Team promised to announce its Open Alpha very soon. Until then, enjoy the following trailer!

Kudos to our reader “Raiden Black” for bringing this to our attention.

BF3: Reality Mod - Gameplay Reveal