Clownfield 2042 feature

Battlefield 2042 parody game, Clownfield 2042, is now available on Steam

RIVERSIDE SPORTS has just released a Battlefield 2042 parody game on Steam, called Clownfield 2042. This multiplayer game will cost a bit less than a dollar, and already has Very Positive Reviews on Steam.

Now as with most parody games, we suggest tempering your expectations. This game features very simple graphics and basic AI. Moreover, and since this is a BF2042 parody game, players can disrupt the game physics, break the rules of gameplay and enjoy the broken and unoptimized experience ever. And yes, expect lots of bugs that won’t be fixed (that’s the point of a parody game).

Here are also the game’s key features:

  • Three Maps [War Island, Paradise City and The Heat]
  • Six Weapons [2 Assault Rifles, 1 Handgun, 1 Sniper Rifle, 1 Rocket Launcher and 1 Shotgun]
  • Three Game Modes [All Out Clownfare – Free for All with AI, Hovercraft Zone – Hovercraft vs. AI, Clownfield Gateway – Adjust ingame properties to play the way you want to play]
  • Weather Events [Physics driven Tornado System across all maps]
  • AI System [Pretty basic but good enough for the moment]

Have fun!

Clownfield 2042 Teaser Trailer