Battlefield 3 – Next Major Patch won’t be coming in February

There was a rumor, early last month, that the next big patch for Battlefield 3 would be hitting platforms in February. Among other things, this rumored patch would include in the PC version a Commo Rose 2.0, that is currently in development by DICE. Well, unfortunately the rumors were not true, as Daniel Matros has revealed that the patch won’t be coming this month.
Although we have two weeks to go, it seems unlikely to get the patch in February. And to be honest, this not surprising. DICE has promised some news about their future plans, so our guess is that the company will reveal what they have in store for us in the coming weeks.
When a fan asked Daniel Matros about the rumored February patch, Daniel said that the ‘February’ date was never correct:
“No. It was announced by someone who got the dates wrong.”
So Battlefield 3 fans, no major patches for you this month. On a side note, PC gamers got a minor update – that had issues with PunkBuster – while both PS3 and X360 got a new Server Patch that was rolled out today.