Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers announced and coming in the second half of 2012

bitComposer Games have announced Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers their latest flight game, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers. The game was developed by Russian developers Games Farm, who also created the title’s predecessor Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, and is scheduled for release in the second half of 2012 on X360, PS3 and PC in Europe.
Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers combines authentic Second World War settings and a fictitious story that will lead the player through the Arcade-Flight-Action. The starting point for all the flight missions in the campaign is an aircraft carrier in the Pacific, which the player commands as the captain of the ship. The player decides at the beginning of the game whether to engage in battle under the flag of the US Navy or the Japanese Imperial Fleet.
In Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers the battles are also fought in the air, e.g. Pearl Harbor, Midway and Wake Island. Instead of individual aircraft, here the player can control entire squadrons and switch between them during the mission. Various single and multiplayer modes will guarantee long-lasting game fun.
Air Conflicts : Pacific Carriers is a unique flight simulation with strategy elements and a compelling storyline. The game is focused on aircraft missions during WW2 that are started from aircraft carriers. You can (but do not have to) control the carrier what gives you the option to plan equipment and missions in detail.
Enjoy the following screenshots!