Battlefield 3 – DICE is working on an improved version of Commo Rose

Remember when everyone was jumping around – prior to Battlefield 3’s release – due to the fact that Commo Rose would be included in it? Oh the joy. Fast forward some months though and we can clearly see that Commo Rose is broken. Not only that, but it seems that it is there only for the sake of being there. In other words, Commo Rose is there in order to satisfy some old fans, and while it does that, it just isn’t useful in its current form. All this could very well change though, as DICE is working on an improved version of it.
Although we don’t have any more information about this new Commo Rose version or what will be changed, we do know that it will be more functional and that players will be able to hear the shouts of those who request ammo or medkits. Pretty much like in BF2.
Now this is DICE, so we can expect other issues and bugs to be introduced with this new, improved Commo Rose. Rumor has it that this new Commo Rose will be called Commo Rose 2.0. According to those rumors, Commo Rose was supposed to be released on February 2012, however there is still no official ETA for the re-worked Commo Rose. All is not lost though as we can expect some news about BF3’s upcoming patches in the coming weeks. A few days ago, DICE hinted that they have several ongoing developments with regards to balance and gameplay, performance, stability and the overall feature set that will be announced in the coming weeks.
Hopefully, this new Commo Rose will be among those features so stay tuned for more!