Sonic CD Details: Built on Retro Engine, true widescreen support, physics improved

Yesterday we informed you about the re-release of Sonic CD on the PC – alongside the release in pretty much every gaming platform. Well, today we are happy to bring you some juicy details about it and let us tell you that this won’t be a simple emulated version of the Sega CD game. No, it will be something a little bit more than that with proper widescreen support and improved physics.
According to Retro Sonic’s – and Retro Engine’s – creator, “The Taxman”, Sonic CD is built on the Retro Engine, thus supports proper and true widescreen. Moreover, The Taxman revealed that Sonic CD will support Sonic 2 spindash and CD style as players will be able to pick one game style or the other and the camera will be tied into the spindash you choose. This basically means that players wukk either play it Sonic CD style, or with Sonic 2/3k physics rules.
Last but not least, The Taxman said that certain obvious things have been improved, and some other things have been left alone in order to keep Sonic CD’s flavour.
Sonic CD is slated for a Holiday 2011 release on the PC.
Enjoy the following video that showcases The Taxman’s sonic game that is based on the Retro Engine, Retro Sonic!
Retro Sonic - Egg Garden zone