Avalanche Studios’ director, Axel Lindberg, hints at Multiplayer mode in Just Cause 3

Just Cause 2 was an incredible game, but lacked one feature that would give it a fresh air and that feature was no other than a Multiplayer mode, something that a lot of fans have been asking for. In case you’re wondering, the lack of it wasn’t due to the fact that Avalanche was concentrating on a Single Player experience. No no no. The reason behind the absence of a Multiplayer mode in Just Cause 2 was due to technical issues and it seems that this time around, Just Cause 3 will feature a proper, Multiplayer mode.
That was hinted at Gamasutra’s feature with Avalanche Studios’ director, Axel Lindberg. According to Axel, one of Renegade Ops’ goals was to ensure that the newly implemented netcode was working fine for an online experience. This obviously means that the Avalanche Engine did not support any Multiplayer features in its earlier versions, something that is confirmed by Axel himself:
“Multiplayer exists in the Avalanche Engine now, and I can’t wait to share where that door is leading us in future projects. Unfortunately, if I shared that information with you today, I wouldn’t be able to share anything in the future.”
It is said that Avalanche is currently working on three triple-A games –┬áJust Cause 3, AionGuard and Project Mamba. And given the welcome reception the Multiplayer mod received from Avalanche’s members, we can safely bet that Just Cause 3 will feature a Multiplayer mode.
The engine is ready, the fans have been asking for it, and we are certain that Avalanche will not let them down. After all, it’s the perfect timing.
Let’s hope that Avalanche will announce more about their on-going projects in the next couple of months!