Atlus may bring Persona 5 on the PC: “we have nothing to announce today but we are listening”

In a really shocking turn of events, Atlus attempted to take down the Patreon page of RPCS3. According to the publisher, Persona 5 is not currently meant to be played on the PC platform – something that is possible thanks to this emulator – and that a blog post from the RPCS3 team provided specific instructions for “dumping the disc or PSN download.”

Atlus was not successful in its attempt and Patreon did not remove the page for RPCS3. The RPCS3 team reassured fans that both the emulator and their Patreon page are safe, and Atlus has issued an official statement about this whole thing.

Atlus stated that it doesn’t want the first experiences of its Persona fans to be with framerate drops, or crashes, or other issues that can crop up in emulation that it has not personally overseen. Moreover, Atlus acknowledged the interest for a PC version and claimed that while it does not have anything to announce today, it is listening to its fanbase.

Our guess? Atlus is indeed planning to bring Persona 5 on the PC. However, RPCS3 will significantly lower its PC sales as Persona 5 is already playable on it. As such, by the time the game releases on the PC, most PC gamers will have already experienced the game.

And this is the real reason – at least in our humble opinion – that Atlus has tried to take down RPCS3. After all, we haven’t seen any other developer/publisher or even Sony itself filling for a DMCA. Also, let’s not forget that this emulator falls under fair use. So yeah, it’s really fishy that Atlus tried to take it down.

Whether this will speed up things for a possible PC release of Persona 5 or not remains to be seen!