ASUS pulls the plug on its newly announced AREZ, AMD GPUs to return to the ROG gaming brand [UPDATE]

Back in April, we informed you about a new gaming brand that ASUS created for AMD’s graphics cards. However, and after NVIDIA terminating its GeForce Partner Program, ASUS has pulled the plug on the AREZ gaming brand and revealed that all of AMD’s graphics cards will be releasing under the ROG brand.

Of course this does not surprise us at all. After all, and since NVIDIA isn’t restricting AIBs to use their already established gaming brands exclusively with their GPUs, there was no reason at all for ASUS to invest time, money and effort in a brand new gaming brand.

It will be interesting to see whether MSI will follow ASUS’ example. Last week, MSI announced a new gaming brand series based on AMD’s “Polaris” chipsets, the Radeon graphics-based MECH series. The MECH series is currently exclusive to the Radeon RX580 GPUs, so we don’t know whether: a) this is a special deal or b) this is a new brand created due to GPP.

Thanks PCGamer


According to reports, this Twitter account may not be official. As such, take the cancellation of the AREZ brand with a grain of salt until ASUS officially announces such a thing.