Anthem will not support DLSS on launch day, may receive real-time ray tracing RTX support

Earlier this month, NVIDIA and BioWare announced that Anthem will support DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). However, it appears that this feature will be added via a post-launch patch and will not be available on launch day.

In a recent interview with WCCFTech, BioWare confirmed that DLSS will not be available at launch day. BioWare may also look into implementing real-time ray tracing effects in the future, though it currently doesn’t have anything to announce right now.

“DLSS will be available shortly after launch. It’s possible that ray tracing could be added later, but we don’t currently have anything to announce in that space.”

Anthem appears to be a really demanding, yet beautiful, game from its VIP demo that came out a couple of days ago. Our RTX2080Ti was used to its fullest in 4K and was unable to offer a constant 60fps experience at both 4K/Ultra and 4K/High while free roaming and fighting enemies. As such, DLSS will be really helpful to everyone that wants to run the game in higher resolutions than 1440p.

Anthem is currently scheduled for a February 22nd release.

Kudos to our reader Metal Messiah for bringing this to our attention!