American McGee's Alice HD Fan Remaster 2020 Mod

American McGee’s Alice gets a 2GB HD Fan Remaster Mod

Omri koresh has released a 2GB HD Fan Remaster Mod for American McGee’s Alice. This mod introduces high resolution textures, a new HUD, and revamped menus. Furthermore, this mod introduces an “Overkill” setting that places more models and enemies in game.

According to the modder, most of the textures are upscaled 4X, while others are upscaled 2X. This is mainly due to an engine issue. When the modder tried to upscale all textures by 4 times, the game crashed.

Do note that American McGee’s Alice is a really old game. Thus, and even with this new HD Texture Pack, the game may still feel a bit dated. After all, the modder was not able to enhance the game’s 3D models.

In order to showcase this mod in action, Omri koresh released the following video. Unfortunately, this gameplay video does not feature any before/after comparison scenes. Still, it will give you an idea of what you can expect from it.

You can download American Mcgee’s Alice HD 2020 Mod from here.

Have fun!

American Mcgee's alice HD 2020 | Omri Koresh