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World of Tanks Update 1.10 detailed, will be the biggest update to date

Wargaming has detailed the August Update for World of Tanks, which will be its biggest update to date. According to the team, World of Tanks Update 1.10 will introduce a new system for equipment and 6 new Polish medium tanks Furthermore, it will bring back Pearl River.

Additionally, Update 1.10 will completely overhaul equipment with the introduction of new pieces and revised bonuses for existing ones. By changing the core mechanics, players will now have more freedom and choice when it comes to their loadouts. Moreover, the new pieces will diversify the gameplay, while also leading the way for new and non-standard battle tactics. The update will also lower the credit price for for lower and medium tier vehicles equipment.

Max Chuvalov, Publishing Director of World of Tanks, said:

“1.10 is the biggest World of Tanks update since 1.0 released in 2018. The biggest part of it is the new equipment system. The current iteration has been in the game for 10 years now and was definitely in need of a revamp. Players will now be able to experiment a lot more with their loadouts thanks to the new and improved equipment items.”

Additionally, this new system brings with it a brand-new feature: slot specializations. Each vehicle from Tier VI onwards will have one of these slots. All equipment will also be designated one of four categories: firepower, survivability, mobility and scouting. By placing certain pieces of equipment in this slot, tankers will get an extra bonus on top of the piece’s standard one.

August’s update will also see the introduction of 6 new Polish medium tanks. Researchable from the Tier IV 14TP, the new branch will stretch from Tier V to Tier X. These winged hussars are versatile with good gun depression, mobility and maneuverability. They’re able to battle on any terrain and you can use them for close-to-mid-range combat. At the top of the line is the CS-63 which introduces a brand-new feature: a gas-turbine engine. Boasting both standard and rapid mode, the latter will increase the vehicle’s engine power, as well as its top speed and acceleration. However, when this mode is activated, its accuracy is significantly impacted.

Update 1.10 also features the return of Pearl River. Making its first foray into World of Tanks in HD, the Asian-inspired map has received a significant revamp since it was last seen in 2015. And finally, the in-game battle communication system is now simpler and more informative, so tankers can concentrate more on the battle.


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