AMD’s Vega 10 High-Bandwidth Cache Controller aims to improve performance by almost 100% in minimum FPS

During its GDC 2017 event, AMD showcased the benefits of its High-Bandwidth Cache Controller. According to the red team, this new memory architecture allows Vega GPUs to do a number of exciting new things that its predecessors can’t.

High-Bandwidth Controller Cache can handle memory traffic in a vastly more efficient fashion, but also significantly cuts back on wasteful memory allocations.

In order to showcase the benefits of High-Bandwidth Controller Cache, AMD showcased Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s in-game benchmark running with and without High-Bandwidth Controller Cache.

AMD limited the amount of VRAM that was available for this application to 2GB (so that it can better showcase the benefits of this new memory architecture).

As the red team claimed, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided offers 50% performance gains in average framerates and 100% performance gains in minimum framerates.

It’s also worth noting that the tech demo was running on a Ryzen + Vega combo PC system.

This new memory architecture will definitely help gamers overcome VRAM limitations, especially when gaming at really high resolutions (such as 4K resolutions). Do note the GPUs should be powerful enough to handle games in 4K, and this feature won’t magically improve your experience if you are not VRAM limited.