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AMD’s Ryzen 4000 “Vermeer” desktop CPUs are almost ready to hit the market soon, “Cezanne”, “Rembrandt” APUs detailed

AMD has been working very hard to prepare the launch of their next-generation of Ryzen 4000 mainstream desktop CPUs codenamed as ‘Vermeer’. Now, thanks to Igor’s Lab, we have some more information about these next-gen upcoming processors.

According to Igor, the AMD Vermeer CPUs are almost ready to hit the market shelves. These CPUs are now already at “B0 stepping” and are going through the usual validation process. The B0 stepping means the CPU is almost at the “final stage” and is ready for mass production. The next step would be the high-volume manufacturing of these chips, and in a very short time, these CPUs will be ready to hit the market.

It usually takes 3-4 months for any silicon to get manufactured, and if AMD has taken orders from TSMC’s factory for the manufacturing, then we should get these processors sooner than expected.

Igor’s Lab has also posted some info on AMD’s APU lineup of processors, namely “Cezanne”, “Van Gogh”, and “Rembrandt”. AMD Ryzen 5000 Cezanne APU is expected to launch under the Ryzen 5000G, H, and U series next year. This will be a direct successor to the ‘Renoir Mobile’ lineup. As per Igor’s leak, the Cezanne APU silicon is still in “A0 stepping”, which means these processors are in early stages of development.

AMD’s Cezanne has now been confirmed by Igor to feature the VEGA 20 graphics (final refresh of Vega), and Zen3 cores. Previously it was rumored that Cezanne will support the RDNA 2 based Navi 23 graphics, but based on Igor’s findings, this will only apply to the discrete solutions for laptops and notebooks. The Vega20 graphics processor silicon that powers the “Cezanne” APU is an improved version of the Vega GPU. In addition, the Cezanne APU family, just like “Renoir”, will be divided into two segments, the high-performance Cezanne-H, and the low-power Cezanne-U for thin mobile systems. The processors will have the same FP6/AM4 package, which is identical to the existing chips.

We also have some confirmation on AMD’s “Van Gogh” slim low-power APU silicon. Unlike Cezanne, Van Gogh lineup will feature RDNA2-based Navi 21 GPU cores, and Zen2 cores. Igor says these are also in the “A0 stepping” stage and will likely feature Navi graphics.

Finally we have some info on the “Rembrandt” APU which is a direct successor to Cezanne. These will not only feature newer Zen3 cores but also RDNA2-based integrated graphics.

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