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AMD’s Lisa Su confirms that the first NAVI GPU and Ryzen 2 CPUs will be released in Q3 2019

During AMD’s post-earnings conference call, Lisa Su confirmed that the first 7nm NAVI GPUs and the upcoming Ryzen 2 CPUs will be officially released in Q3 2019. According to Su, Navi will feature pricing that is below where the Radeon 7 is currently positioned and that it will come with a lot of new features.

Unfortunately, Lisa Su did not share any early performance figures. Furthermore, Lisa Su did not give any specifics when she was asked about the ray tracing capabilities of the NAVI series (though we do know that NAVI will be able to handle ray tracing as it was announced/confirmed by Sony for PS5).

From what we know so far, the NAVI GPUs will be the first 7nm graphics cards and will feature GDDR6 memory instead of HBM2. This is the only detail that came out from the leaked sample PCB of a NAVI GPU, so we are really curious about its overall performance.

We expect AMD to highlight new details of the 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs and NAVI GPUs at Computex 2019, so stay tuned for more!